Top 20 Things to Do in Pompano Beach, Florida

Top 20 Things To Do

So you are planning your trip to Pompano Beach in Southern Florida, and you are wondering what there is to do besides sitting on the beach? Have no fear, because this top twenty list will give you all the best attractions and places to visit while you are visiting the area. Nearly everyone in the family can enjoy most of these, only one or two may be for those adult weekends, but all are fun-filled activities that will keep you coming back to Pompano for summers to come. So sit back, relax, grab your coffee and go over this top twenty list of things you have to experience when visiting Pompano in sunny South Florida this summer.

Pompano Public Beach

Pompano Public Beach

Honestly, if you are planning a beach vacation and the number one spot to visit is NOT the beach, then perhaps you should choose a different location. Luckily, that is not the issue with Pompano Beach. Not only are the beaches kept pristine in the city of Pompano Beach, but the waters are similar to that of an exotic island vacation. With crystal blue waters and natural coral reefs within a swim from the shore, there is so much to do in the area. If you happen to be looking for a lovely beach to sit with your toes in the sand and listen to the waves crashing on the shore, then this is the beach for you! You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to fly somewhere exotic to enjoy white sands and clear blue waters, grab the sunscreen, flip-flops, and beach towel and you're on your way to a great beach vacation that you will remember for years to come.


Snorkling in Pompano Beach

Another must-do activity when spending any considerable amount of time so close to the crystal blue waters of the ocean is snorkeling! Off the southern coast of Florida is the last living North American Coral Reef, just waiting for you to slip under the water and explore with your snorkeling party. Many places along the beach will take groups out on tours and show them exactly where to find some of the most beautiful locations to see beneath the ocean, look up the available establishments close to your hotel or home and head out with an expert or grab your gear and head out into the waters with your friends. There are miles of coral reefs to explore in the area and over ten spots where experts can show you where to dive to examine the most stunning living coral reefs you can find in North America.


Diving in Pompano Beach

A close cousin to snorkeling, diving is a bit more involved and possibly not for everyone, but it is a remarkable experience if you are brave enough to go! As with most of these suggestions, there will be several establishments in the area of the beach that advertise tours and private events that you can partake in as you are visiting the area. As you find the company, you would like to dive with, set up your preferred time and head out to meet them on the beach! You don't have to worry about being new to diving or not having any gear, as all of this is available for you on the day of your trip. In the area of Pompano, there are several miles of beautiful coral reef to explore that is within a swimmable distance from shore, and multiple shipwrecks that lurk beneath the water, waiting for you to dive down and search for lost things! Let the professionals in the field show you to any one of the ten reef spots for you to explore or one of the sixteen sunken ships that lie silently in the sea just off the coast of Pompano.

Rent a Jet Ski

Jetski in Pompano Beach

One of the most adventurous things you can do while visiting the beach is to hop on the back of a jet ski and let it rip through the water! Jet skiing is also an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family or group. So whether or not you are on a girls trip, guys weekend, or a family vacation, everyone in your group is sure to enjoy a ride on one of these fast moving personal watercrafts! There are many places along the beach and in the area that will rent them to you on a daily or hourly basis, merely look for a shop closest to your accommodations for a convenient and comfortable interaction! Another thing to consider if you are a bit wary about going out on one of these contraptions on your own is that you can still enjoy them if you are a novice. Places that rent out equipment like this will usually offer tours or lessons as well, so if you are a bit new or would feel more comfortable with an expert cruising along with your party, perhaps it would be a better idea to sign up to take a tour or enjoy a lesson on the water instead.

Fishing Charters

Festival Marketplace

This activity is for the anglers out there, male or female because let's be honest ladies; we like fishing too! It's relaxing; you get to spend the day on the water where it's peaceful away from the hustle and bustle of the town, and there is always something exciting to see while on a charter boat. There is a couple of good charter boat spots up and down Pompano, choose which one suits your group the best and head out on a charter boat with your friends and family for the day. Professional guides will supply you with all the necessary equipment, or bring your own from home! You won't have to worry about anything other than dropping your lure in the water and wait for a nibble, let the crew take care of watching the seas and the weather for you! One last tip for this one, if you enjoy the fight of fishing, casting, reeling, dragging in your keep, then this might not be the setting for you. On fishing charters, often you are just standing or sitting with your line hanging into the water as the boat moves along. Sure, you can catch plenty of fish this way, and it is still a relaxing and fantastic time. However, if you are planning to surprise say your husband with a fishing trip, perhaps you could take him to a pier or rent a boat for the day so that you can embark on your fishing adventures in the way you choose.

Paddleboard or Paddleboard Lessons


Let's face it, all of us have seen either a surfer or paddleboarder out on the water a time or two and thought to ourselves, "I bet I could do that..." Well, next time you visit the beach, head to a surf shop that offers paddleboard lessons and set up a time to go out to the water with a pro that will walk you through the basics of paddleboarding. If you are a bit shy, there are even semi-private lessons that you can take on the beach with a personal instructor that will focus all of their attention on helping you master the art of paddleboarding, or at least make sure you don't get washed away! What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and get silly in the water with this exciting activity.

Pompano Amphitheater

Pompano Amphitheater

Check the calendar around the time of your Pompano vacation, and make sure you are not going to miss out on anything exciting at the Amphitheater. Many prestigious artists come to grace the stage in Pompano, and the amphitheater itself is a beautiful venue to attend a summer concert. If you see an artist or group you would like to view while you are in the area, make sure to purchase your tickets ahead of time to be sure you have a seat when you arrive at the concert! Bring along a seat cushion, bug spray, and an empty bottle of water to fill up at the venue for a comfortable day with your family.

Take the Water Taxi

Water Taxi

Many coastal towns will offer a service known as a water taxi, and it is just as it sounds, a boat that will pick you up in one location and take you down the shore to several stops where you can jump on and off at your leisure. The Pompano Water Taxi features twelve stops that drive you up and down the length of the coastline. Witness stunning million-dollar mansions, beautiful historical landmarks, and bustling restaurants as you cruise by on the crystal clear waters of Southern Florida. You may even be lucky enough to witness marine life while you are making your way up and down the coastline. Taking the water taxi instead of walking or driving can save you time, money, and energy especially if you have small children with you. Not only will it keep everyone entertained, but it will let you spend much more quality time at the attractions you wish to attend.

Spend the Day Golfing


The Greg Norman Signature Pines Course and Palm Aire Country Club is a great location to spend a day if you are looking to relax and work on your game. The Pines golf course is a great place to go with a group of friends for brunch or to enjoy drinks while enjoying the stunning southern Florida atmosphere. With the course being so close to the beach area as well, there are times that the men in the family may want a day on the green, while their wives spend the day shopping. Perhaps you are in the area for a bachelor party? No matter what the reason, The Signature Pines Golf Course in Pompano is one of the most beautiful locations you will find in Southern Florida for golfing, and the grounds stay surprisingly well kept for how close they are to the ocean.

Isle Horse Racing & Casino


This activity is one for the grownups only, no kids allowed! At Isle Horse Racing and Casino, enjoy watching world-class races with top-ranked trotters and pacers as well as award-winning trainers and drivers and bet on your favorite to win. Perhaps you would like to see something a bit different? From 10 in the morning to midnight you can watch a simulcast of harness and thoroughbred racing, jai-alai games and greyhound racing on screens that air the events from 20 different venues all over North America; Place your bets and see if you have the luck it takes to win! If betting on races isn't your go-to-gamble, there are also tables and slots on the premises that are open late for guests. Isle Horse Racing and Casino is a fun place to come for a Bachelor party, guys or ladies night, or head on over if you're feeling lucky!

Escape the Room!

Escape Room

Ok, these are probably one of the most fun things to do anywhere you go on vacation! Escape Rooms are in several places around Pompano, so all you have to do is look for the one you and your party want to attend. Escape Rooms are themed rooms that your group go into, and there are several clues and puzzles that you have to solve to figure out how to get out of the place, you have only one hour to work through it. If you find your way out, excellent! Let yourselves out of the room and have a victory picture taken of your party, but if you don't solve the mystery in the hour provided, the door will open, and you will have a not-so-celebratory picture taken, all in good fun of course. These can be themed anywhere from a heist, to a zombie apocalypse, to treasure hunting, and more and are great with a group of friends, or with the whole family.

Xtreme Action Park


Xtreme Action Park, conveniently located within the city of Pompano, is an establishment that has thought of it all. Whether you are in town with a group of friends, or you are on a family vacation with all the kids and the husband, there is something for everyone at the park. Including the Escape Rooms we previously talked about, Xtreme Action has go-carts, an aerial obstacle course above the massive arcade, a roller skating rink, miniature golf, and so much more! This place is so big and features so many fun things to do that you may not even be able to see it all in one visit. If you are bringing the kids with you to Pompano, you have to make sure to take the family to Xtreme Action Park for a day of fun and excitement. There is even a bar on site that sits off to the side so that you can enjoy a little "you-time" while the kids are safely at play. Don't have kids? No big deal, come out with your group of friends to have good food, good drinks, and an excellent time playing games in the arcade, racing one another on the go-cart track, or competing to see who can sink the most hole-in-ones at the miniature golf course. Honestly, no matter what age group you are bringing with you, there is sure to be something that everyone can enjoy on the premises.

Tradewinds Park


With over 625 acres to explore, the Tradewinds Park in Pompano has everything a visitor could want. On all sides of the park, there are picnic and playground areas for families to enjoy so you can plan to bring along a cooler full of goodies instead of spending money elsewhere. Head over to one of the Stables and take a peaceful ride down a path atop a horse or pony, ponies for children of course, or grab a disc and try your hand at the disc golf course. If the pier and fishing charters are too crowded for you, perhaps you would like to fish at the lake in Tradewinds? The city had genuinely thought of everything to keep their visitors entertained when they created this park; there are even train rides for families to enjoy when they visit.

Butterfly World


Butterfly World is a must-see habitat that lies within the Tradewinds Park, featuring over twenty thousand live butterflies; this is a dream to walk through for those who love the winged creatures. As you walk through the enclosed park, you will immediately notice thousands of floating butterflies and various tropical birds soaring through their enclosed habitat. There is a location on site where you can even pay to feed the lorikeets, a beautiful brightly colored blue, yellow, and green bird that resembles a parakeet in some ways. Hold out your bag of Lorikeet treats and enjoy the rush as they flock to you and mount your arms to enjoy the snack. Be warned; this is probably not the activity you want to take a friend or family member to if they are a bit wary of winged things being all over them. Butterfly World was the first kind of its park built in the Western Hemisphere when it was completed in 1988 and remains the largest butterfly park in the world. One warning about this location, if you have a little one or a friend that is not fond of winged things flying around their face all the time, you may want to reconsider bringing them to this attraction as there are lots of butterflies that are in constant motion, as well as several birds as well. For the safety of everyone, it's best to leave the scaredy-cats at home!

Splash Adventure Water Park

Spash Park

It seems silly to mention a waterpark when talking about a beach vacation, but depending on the amount of time you are spending in Pompano with the family, kids can only make a sandcastle so many times before they start to become bored, and this is where Splash Adventure comes in! Take the kids to Splash Adventure Water Park for the day so that they can run around to get all that energy out in the massive shallow pool that houses several slides, and many interactive modules that they can post up at to shoot, spray, soak, and dump water on their friends and family members. Don't worry parents; there is a place for you to relax if you are comfortable letting the kids run around and have fun. Sit back and relax with a cold drink and watch as your little-ones make memories for summers to come, and you can enjoy a bit of your time while you are at it.

See the Goodyear Blimp

Goodyear Blimp

Though it might seem a strange thing to see, you will not want to miss this epic experience with your family or friends. Schedule a tour before you head out to the hangar to be sure you will get to enjoy one, as this is a high traffic destination and you may not get the full experience if you don't plan. A professional pilot will guide you through the hangar and show you all you need to know about the care and keeping of the blimp and give you a bit of insight into the history of Goodyear and the blimp itself. If you are lucky enough you may even be able to choose a ride on the blimp, The inside of the Goodyear Blimp resembles that of a commercial aircraft in the way that there are rows of seats and windows to peer out as you glide quietly over the area of Pompano and South Florida. Your flight will take about an hour if you are so lucky to enjoy one, and your pilot will even ask if there are any particular locations you would like them to hover over. While you wait for your tour, watch out the large open area where you get to watch as the team launches the blimp, and see how they maneuver it back to the ground. This activity is one to bring the entire family too and is something you won't want to miss for sure, don't forget your camera to take unforgettable photo's from the sky!

Festival Marketplace

Festival Marketplace

This flea market shopping center is a quarter mile long of shopping heaven! There are days when you might go on vacation that it may be raining or too cold to be out on the beach or playing in the water, so it is always a good idea to check out what indoor activities are around the keep you entertained while the weather is acting up. The Festival Marketplace features over eight hundred stores and has anything from a top designer shop or big box stores to mom-and-pop-stands that offer homemade trinkets or antiques. These sorts of marketplaces always have unusual gifts or memorabilia from your trip and often have surprising deals that you can't find anywhere else in the area. If you are in need of some retail therapy, or a day out of the rain, plan to shop at Festival Marketplace. Don't forget to bring your appetite when you come to Festival Marketplace as amongst all the odd trinkets, clothes, and other things to buy; there are so many places to stop and get something tasty to eat for you and the family as well. Homemade goods, restaurants, anything you can imagine you would need will be available for you here.

Hillsboro Antique Mall

Anique Mall

This little gem sits right next to the Festival Marketplace, so it's another good place to keep in mind if you are in need of a shopping day or something a bit different to do. Antique malls are unique in the way that they don't carry your everyday merchandise. Often you can find trinkets and bobbles that are exclusively made and unique to themselves, or you can find great deals on items for gifts for your loved ones. Antique Malls are also a great place to walk around and "window-shop," even if you don't intend to buy, there is always something interesting to see if nothing else, and you never know, you might find something special you didn't even know you wanted!

Pompano Citi Centre

Festival Marketplace

The last of the notable shopping destinations for the list is the Pompano Citi Centre; It is a strip mall in the area of Pompano that features more of your favorite, prominent box store locations that are nearly anywhere. These are excellent locations to keep in mind while you are away from home on vacation. If you forgot something or had a wardrobe malfunction, it is convenient to know where you can go and pop in a store to grab what you need. Not so much a fun destination or attraction, but a helpful tip instead. Now, you might be thinking that shopping center suggestions are a bit strange when planning a beach trip, but consider any of the times you have been on vacation somewhere, and you couldn't get out of the hotel room because of the weather. Don't get rained out and stuck in a hotel room for hours; you might find something unique to take home with you if you spend a day meandering around the antique mall, shopping center, or marketplace.

Pompano Municipal Pier (Under Construction)

Pompano Municipal Pier

Maybe hopping on a big boat and cruising through the sea with an idle lure is not precisely the excitement your inner angler is looking to experience? No problem, Grab your rod and reel and head to the Pompano Municipal Pier where you can set up wherever you would like and cast out into the open crystal blue waters of the sea. Soon enough there will be much more to do than merely fish at the pier; it is currently undergoing a fifteen million dollar upgrade that will progress through the year 2020. With lots of stores, attractions, and restaurants to come in the future, there will be something new and exciting for you and your friends to take in when you visit Pompano Municipal Pier.

No matter who you decide to go with, or what you are looking to do while in Pompano, there is sure to be something on this list for you to enjoy. Keep in mind that some of these locations require a reservation, such as the Goodyear Blimp Hangar or the Amphitheater; Make sure that you don't miss out on an activity because you neglected to reserve a timeslot or seat for your family. Now that you have all the information you need to have an unforgettable vacation at the beach with your friends or family, get to planning and make your way to Pompano! .

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