Scuba Diving

The waters off Florida are famous for their superb scuba diving environments. Perhaps the best diving in Florida can be found just off Pompano Beach. You will find this coastal town just north of Fort Lauderdale. It is particularly famous for its shipwreck diving. In fact, it is commonly known as the “Wreck Capital of Florida.” This wreckage comes from a steamship who in 1900 unpleasantly “discovered” that about half a mile of the Pompano Beach coast there is a huge rock ledge. The water from the shore to the ledge’s brink is so shallow that until the 1940s this wrecked ship could be viewed sticking about the surface of the water. 

Scuba Diving

In 1994 the wrecked ship was declared part of the Florida Archaeological Preserve. But while it is the most famous the steamer is not the only wreck you will find here. There are more than 15 wrecks to be found in these parts. Most of these wrecks are to be found beyond the Hillsboro Inlet. In addition, there are wrecks to be found from very shallow to very deep waters which means that there are wrecks available for divers of all levels of experience from beginners to expert. There is also a unique area of this region where shipwrecks have been done on purpose. 

Shipwreck Park

The Shipwreck Park is a relatively new underwater park who has sunk 18 ships in its park area. The most recent, a tugboat called Okinawa, was sunk just last year. The primary goal of the park is to create a man-made underwater reef area that will attract marine life of all kinds. It is also intended to serve as a place that helps raise awareness for protecting marine life. Divers are encouraged to explore and appreciate the area. To the end of beautification and added cultural value, the ships that have been sunk are adorned with artwork by area artists. The artwork is whimsical in nature. For instance, the artwork on the Okinawa includes a bar with a mermaid barmaid sculpture. The park is specifically designed to be not too deep and not too shallow so that divers of all skill levels will be attracted to it’s the region. 

Drift Diving

At the moment, one of the most popular scuba diving activities in the Pompano Beach area is known as drift diving. In this form of diving, divers drift with the ocean currents, going wherever it takes them. And anywhere it takes you is sure to be amazing since these waters have some of the most fascinating and unique coral reef ecosystems in the country. You do not necessarily have to choose between wreck diving and drift diving. Drift diving provides the best of both world’s since the current will undoubtedly take you into wreckage territory. If you are wanting to dive, but have never done it before, the area has many fully licensed diving instructors who will train you. 

The Pompano area also has three separate areas designated for spear hunting. To do this participants must have a hunt/spear permit.

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