Charter Fishing in Pompano Beach

First, you may not need a license to fish if you are a tourist heading out to sea on a charter boat. Check in advance with the charter boat company to find out the exact license requirements before booking your charter or purchasing a Florida license to fish.


The drift fish method is popular with charter boats because trolling several lines at different depths brings a variety of fish to the boat. Many charter boats drift fish near the reefs because they attract such a large mass of baitfish. Larger fish migrate through the reefs and nearby waters to feed and the reefs attract a large assortment of large fish you normally would not find gathered in the same area.

Several charter boat agencies consistently offer excellent contests for locals and tourists alike. Some feature a fish of the month contest that is a lot of fun. These contests offer a challenge for the sport fisherman looking to stretch his knowledge and capabilities.

The abundance of charter boats available allows you to choose specialty charters. Some of the top charter boat agencies specialize in finding those elusive deep-sea fish. When you want the thrill of the fight that comes with the big fish, look for a charter boat specializing in locating Kingfish, Marlin, Wahoo, Sailfish, Mahi, Swordfish and many more.

Prudent water safety dictates life vests and other safety equipment is either on you or in the watercraft, depending on the boat type and charter boat policies. You do not have to worry about going around trying to buy those items, they come with the boat and your boat expert will cover essential water safety as well.

One of the most important tips for catching fish from the shoreline it to set your rig properly. Use two to three rods spacing your bait from the shore outward when you surf fish with a set rig. The fish you catch are typically less than seven to eight pounds, so no big surf rig should be necessary. Use care when tightening your rig, as you will inevitably catch bigger fish and you do not want the last view of your favorite rod and reel happening as it heads out to sea.

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